Achieving powerful performance
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What does KSA
stand for?


For humans to achieve powerful performance, we need to fully understand our role, what this requires of us and how we can maximise our potential…


Knowledge and skills don’t necessarily go hand in hand; knowing what to do and how to do it are two separate things. Our skills need to be developed too in order to perform…


We need to be willing to learn and have the right behaviours, in order to successfully use our knowledge and develop our skills…
As Henry Ford said; “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Powerful performance…

A good balance of knowledge, skills and attitude underpins powerful performance; the core of our approach at KSA.

See how these three key ingredients support the development of both staff and business performance…

About Us


KSA Sales Solutions provides sales training for the UK construction industry, creating tailor-made learning and development solutions for companies planning to invest in their team’s development and ongoing support. Our industry experts  are experienced at addressing development for both individuals and teams. We’ve developed unique and effective methods to make learning relevant to the construction industry so sales people understand how to interact confidently with contractors, architects, surveyors and engineers. We’ve successfully created a framework for learning that is professional and friendly.

KSA works with clients on their specific focus and the bespoke programmes that result are facilitated on or off-site at any UK locations the client requires. We’ve earned an enviable reputation in the industry, here are some client testimonials.

KSA also creates focused courses on a variety of solutions vital for successful construction product selling.

Our Approach


“Integrating expert construction industry knowledge with bespoke training and sales development solutions, to create motivated and confident teams.”

KSA has developed a range of techniques to embrace the variety of knowledge and skills development required to make sales people selling products to the construction industry stand out from the competition. These include Behavioural Profiling (Insights Discovery) to assess attitudes and skill sets, CPD presentation skills training using actors, solution and adaptive selling techniques, proactive telephone skills and dissecting what good customer service really means. We impart confidence, consolidate technical knowledge and assess what issues might be holding people back.

Our unique ‘5R’s Methodology’ was developed to guide our clients and their teams through the learning & development process. This is how we ensure needs are addressed, learning is embedded, consistent and positive results are achieved, and long-term value is added.

Key competencies are embedded and motivation-building translates this knowledge into practice. The result is a measurable difference in day-to-day performance.

Take a look at our video and download our 5R’s roadmap

Meet the Experts

Carol Kelly

With over 20 years of people, project and commercial management experience at a senior level within the construction industry, Carol has gained a clear insight into delivering sales results both out in the field and at a strategic level.

In three words/phrase(s) … Glass half full (which irritates the other half)
Daily dilemma … Shall I do some work before or after I go for a ride
Guilty pleasure … A bag of revels; you never know what you’re going to get, exciting!
It irritates me when … People keep things for the ‘best’ day, every day is a ‘best’ day, use it!
If only … Chocolate had no calories

Working closely with clients to develop bespoke training programmes, which ensure an effective and measurable solution for their business, another of Carol’s main roles is to strategically support clients to embed this learning culture. In other aspects, Carol also holds qualifications in personality assessment and as a member of the British Psychological Society, she primarily heads up our workshops and courses which look at behavior development and explore the psychology of selling.

Steve Hanstock
Lead Trainer

Steve has worked with KSA for 3 years and is primarily responsible for designing and delivering our team-building events such as: ‘The Oscars’ and ‘Bridge the Gap’. His creativity receives great applause from both us and our clients.

In three words/ phrase(s) … Friendly, Always early, Conscientious
Daily dilemma … Which background music should I play on an office day or to welcome delegates on a training day
Guilty pleasure … TV Shows; Dramas, Documentaries, Reality!!!
It irritates me when … People can’t get to the point quick enough; it seems such a waste of life!
If only… I could get a chauffeured helicopter to work every day!

Steve’s learning and development career began in commercial sales, where his ability and enthusiasm quickly lead him in to a National Account Management position, before he pursued his passion for learning when he moved on in to the role as Head of Training & Recruitment elsewhere.

Moving on from this, Steve now provides extensive workshops and programmes in everything from Sales and Influencing, right through to Leadership and Strategic Management skills, working on some of the most prestigious construction projects in the UK.

Emma Townend
Construction Skills Trainer

Emma works closely with KSA to design and deliver our construction knowledge courses in Construction Drawings and Appreciation of Contract Law.

In three words/phrase(s) … Busy, Busy, Busy
Daily dilemma … Shall I do some work before or after I go for a ride?
Guilty pleasure … A glass of wine with The Archers
It irritates me when … My husband disrupts my OODA loop (yes, OODA loop is a thing!)
If only … My little boy preferred Dinotrux to Paw Patrol

Emma is a chartered engineer with over 17 years’ experience working on construction sites in the UK and overseas. Having diversified several years ago, Emma now lectures in Health and Safety at a number of academic institutions. Emma is a fantastic asset to the KSA team and has proved even more invaluable to our customers – helping to bridge the gap between the technical and sales roles.

Sam Pitt
Project Co-ordinator

Our project administration maestro who works hard behind the scenes at KSA to tie all the strings together and ensure everything runs smoothly.

In three words/phrase(s) … Ready, Steady, GO!
Daily dilemma … One coffee or two…?
Guilty pleasure … Nashville (TV Series)
It irritates me when … Mercury is in retrograde
If only … The ironing would do itself

Sam’s background and experience is diverse, spanning a number of different industries including IT and recruitment, before she ultimately settled in the training industry. Sam is an instrumental part of the KSA team but outside of the office (and sometimes in the office on the odd occasion) she is also a fully-qualified and practicing yoga teacher!

Stephen Scullion
Trainer (Insights Licensed Practitioner)

“Scully” as he is known by most, has a very impressive career dating back over 25 years in military service. A first-class team-building and leadership management consultant.

In three words/phrase(s) … Proactive, Adventurous, Dedicated
Daily dilemma … To go to the gym or go Kitesurfing
Guilty pleasure … Ironing while watching Star Trek
– It irritates me when … There are televisions in pubs, especially if they are loud
If only … Mosquitos sucked fat instead of blood

Scully draws upon his experience as a Royal Marines Officer to deliver courses which focus on behaviour development, using the KSA Insights programme to help increase motivation, communication and improve collaboration. A licensed Insight Discovery practitioner, he is a firm advocate of learning outside the classroom environment; offering opportunities, challenges and tasks in a variety of outdoor scenarios with the purpose not only of teaching teams how to work together to achieve their maximum potential, but demonstrating to managers how they can directly and positively impact upon their own team’s performance.

Ric Hayden
Trainer (Insights Licensed Practitioner)

Ric brings with him to KSA a wealth of knowledge and expertise from the learning and development sector, working with individuals up to senior management.

In three words/phrase(s) … Enthusiastic, Imaginative, Perceptive
Daily dilemma … To run or not to run, that is the question
Guilty pleasure … All pleasure, not ‘guilt “The Archers”
It irritates me when … I fall out of trees
If only … I was out climbing trees

Ric is a CIPD member, NLP Master Practitioner, Insights Practitioner and also holds an EQ-I License for Emotional Intelligence Psychometric testing, coaching and development. As if that wasn’t enough, as a result of his training initiatives Ric was also nominated as a finalist in the BESMA Sales Trainer of the Year and ABP Workforce Experience: Excellence in Change Management awards!

Emma Church
Trainer (Insights Licensed Practitioner)

Emma’s background as a learning and development consultant is extensive, working with individuals up to senior management level and including sales teams as a whole.

In three words/phrase(s) … Curious, glass half full, try anything once
Daily dilemma … How high should my heels be today?
Guilty pleasure … Secretly eating the chocolate that is supposed to be for my children
It irritates me when … People are rude
If only … The UK had a climate like Southern Italy

Initially establishing herself in the sales and marketing role, Emma attained a Certificate in Marketing with the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) before moving in to area of L&D, where her list of qualifications is as equally impressive as her experience; holding a Certificate in Training Practice and an Associate CIPD Membership (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development). To add to this, Emma is also a licensed Insights Discovery practitioner, a tool which forms a staple part of KSA’s approach to improving sales performance, helping and encouraging teams to develop the right attitudes and behaviours for ultimate business success.

Jon Stokes
Soft Skills Coach

For over ten years, Jon has worked consistently in the fields of Change Management, Performance Management, Sales Technique, Customer Satisfaction, Recruitment, Coaching and Influencing Skills.

In three words/phrases … Adaptable, Engaging, Curious, Innumerate
Daily dilemma … To gym or not to gym…
Guilty pleasure … Meatball Calzone
It irritates me when … I’m talking to a machine
If only … I knew where that thing is. I had it a minute ago

Jonathan is a Trainer Consultant specializing in all forms of Drama-based Business Training. He has a background in acting for theatre and television, and is director of an independent theatre arts company based in East Yorkshire, where he lives.

Jon is also a DBT practitioner for advancing behavioural safety, delivering work to the rail, construction, energy and petrochemical industries, both in the UK and abroad.

David Kershaw
Soft Skills Coach

David graduated with distinction from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and spent a successful 25 years as an actor in theatre, film and TV; also as a theatre director where he led teams up to 50 individuals.

In three words/phrases … Supportive, Insightful & Effective
Daily dilemma … When should the conceptualising phase end and the hard graft begin?!
Guilty pleasure … Weekend Netflix box-set binges
It irritates me when … The person walking in front of me stops suddenly to look at their phone!
If only … I’d have persevered with learning the guitar when I was younger…

Twenty years ago, David started using skills acquired in the performing arts to help people with ‘real’ jobs have better conversations, influence more effectively, improve their personal impact, communicate messages more clearly, present brilliantly and better manage themselves in high stress situations.

David’s approach is entirely pragmatic – his courses focus on giving participants practical tools to take away and immediately use. Words frequently used to describe his training style include “engaging; knowledgeable; reassuring; calm; understanding; clear; concise and fun”.

Jack Malden
Digital Marketing Apprentice

The newest and also youngest member of our team, Jack joins us on an apprenticeship to kick-start his career in digital marketing.

In three words/phrases … Meticulous, Positive, Punctual
Daily dilemma … Should I make or buy lunch…
Guilty pleasure … A takeaway pizza and TV
It irritates me when … The computer is slow
If only … Mcdonalds was a healthy option

His studies in IT, Media & Business at A-Level combined with his creative mind are what fuelled his interest in digital marketing and he has certainly got stuck in here at KSA, relishing the hands on, working experience. Outside of the office, Jack enjoys football, both as an avid supporter of Reading FC and a keen player himself.




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