The 5R’s Methodology



KSA have developed our own 5 point methodology to help with creating and implementing an effective training programme. We thought it might be useful to share it with you in more detail…


Recognise, Relevant, Reaction, Reinforce, Results.

RECOGNISE: Being proactive means that there is time to get that all important 360° perspective of the business. Not only does this process actively involve different members of the business, offering a sense of responsibility that will help with the buy-in to a learning initiative but it also ensures that the needs of both teams and individuals are well identified and understood in relation to what is expected of them as part of the overall business strategy.

RELEVANT: With a more holistic understanding, it is easier to develop and embed an effective, business-specific learning and development plan.

REACTION: Measure the reaction to make sure the initiative has been effective. Encourage feedback and information sharing across the business.

REINFORCE: Embed the learning through coaching, follow up and review sessions, case study tasks or learning diaries for example. This is where that invaluable support network comes in to help create that learning culture.

RESULTS: It is forecast that there will be a greater ‘emphasis on monitoring and evaluation’ in businesses, which is important because these results will help shape future learning and development. Results measurement needs to be agreed before the initiative and tracked throughout, so that there are clear objectives and measurable outcomes.