KSA Sales Solutions is a leading provider of Sales Improvement solutions. Specialising in the construction industry, we combine expert industry know-how with bespoke training and development to deliver real results.

KSA stands for Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes, the three key ingredients to achieving powerful performance; the core to our approach.

Knowledge is directly proportional to experience and experience is gained over time. Our training solutions are designed to improve industry knowledge so sales people understand the design-to-order process and confidently engage with all stakeholders.

Skill is NOT directly proportional to knowledge, yet this is a common misconception. Our tailored learning solutions ensures individuals are equipped with the required skills to be successful in their day-to-day role, whether they are leading, managing or engaging with customers.

The third key ingredient and the one we believe is essential to achieving powerful performance is the right attitude (behaviours). Directly proportional to improving skills and gaining knowledge, we use proven techniques to change behaviours and support learners from ‘comfort’ into ‘stretch’, where the real learning begins.


The Institute of Sales Management (ISM) is the UK's largest professional membership body for sales and sales management. The institute leads the way in professional standards, education and development for salespeople.

KSA Sales Solutions are an ISM Recognised Centre and ISM Endorsed Centre, a badge of recognition for high quality sales and sales management training programmes.



Insights Discovery is a powerful profiling tool, based on the psychology of Carl Jung. Using a simple four colour energy model, learners understand their own personality and how this impacts on their relationships with colleagues and customers.

The Insights Discovery tool can increase personal awareness, improve team effectiveness, strengthen internal and external relationships and improve own performance.