Understanding Technical Drawings

Let’s Talk Technical Drawings

How Can ‘Understanding Technical Drawings’ Help You? Recognising a gap between technical construction and the sales role, we developed our Understanding Technical Drawings courses to support delegates with the technical […]

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A Day in an Insights Workshop

A Day in an Insights Workshop KSA Sales Solutions are an Insights Discovery licensed partner, which enables us to incorporate Insights Discovery into any training strategy. Insights Discovery is a powerful […]

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speed sales approach

Turn Pressure into Opportunity

Turn Pressure into Opportunity Current uncertainty in the construction industry, combined with the skills shortage and external pressures means that businesses often find their resources are stretched. How can we […]

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The 5R’s Methodology

    KSA have developed our own 5 point methodology to help with creating and implementing an effective training programme. We thought it might be useful to share it with […]

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Proactive Planning

Proactive planning for 2019… Yes, it’s probably the last thing you want to add to your plate right now but it’s time to get planning for next year. Here are […]

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embed learning

Make Learning Stick!

Embed learning: make it count! Whilst it is great that businesses are recognising how effective training can be, it is important to remember that it is not a tick-box exercise […]

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inspiring leadership

KSA on Attitudes

The KSA Effect – Part III To finish our three-part series on what KSA stands for, this issue we’re looking at Attitudes and within these, the effects different behaviours can […]

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Work-Based Learning

Work-Based Learning – Get the Hands on Experience! George Santayana: ‘The great difficulty of education is to get experience out of ideas.’ The skills shortage in the UK construction industry […]

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KSA on Skills

The KSA Effect – Part II In our last issue we discussed how Knowledge improves confidence and therefore is key in building on the successes of 2017. Whilst the construction industry […]

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