Classroom Learning isn’t the only training solution!

Classroom learning isn’t the only training solution!

Companies are more aware than ever that training their staff needs to not only deliver results in a cost-effective, easy way but be fit for purpose.  Continually, we are being asked to deal with the challenges our clients face; e.g. Can’t spend too much time away from their day job due to staffing challenges, varied working hours, geography, a wide range of capabilities and different learning styles.  This means training staff in the traditional classroom-style can often be discussed but never started.

So, we’re often asked…If the traditional classroom-style isn’t the right solution, what else is there?

It’s a mix of everything, often called blended learning.

For our customers, it’s a ‘pick and mix’ solution available for each group of learners.  We work with our customers to understand barriers to learning and implement a development plan that works for them.

Here’s some of the common advantages our clients have found through a blended solution:

  1. Flexible
    Combining face-to-face with other methods of learning allows you to have complete control over how, when and where you want to train your learners to enhance performance. Blended learning provides ultimate flexibility for both the trainer and client.  It allows more challenging topics with multiple scenarios to be facilitated through classroom-style sessions, whilst other topics can be discussed remotely via telephone or online, reducing time and location issues.  It’s a win-win for balancing busy schedules, flexible hours and different learning styles!
  2. Cost-effective
    Companies want the best value for money – something blended learning can offer! Blended learning allows your learners to engage in a programme of topics, without the need to travel or miss any work. Learning guides can be given to delegates to gain knowledge and complete activities at their own pace and with recording facilities on many webinar and telephone conferencing sites you can ensure that no one misses a module!
  3. Bespoke
    The combination of classroom delivery with other methods of learning,provides learners with a customised training experience. With a seamless transition between the two, learners can choose which resources to explore further, communicate with colleagues for new ideas and pause and re-watch virtual meetings. This ensures all learning is relevant to own performance and keeps learners engaged.

Giving learners ownership over their development, by being able to combine their face-to-face workshops with other methods of learning, they feel their learning needs, preferences and behaviours are understood, making training more effective.

Do you want to find out more?

Learning is critical to the success of your team.  If you’re interested in how a blended solution can support your team, contact us.