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Turn Pressure into Opportunity

Turn Pressure into Opportunity Current uncertainty in the construction industry, combined with the skills shortage and external pressures means that businesses often find their resources are stretched. How can we […]

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Proactive Planning

Proactive planning for 2019… Yes, it’s probably the last thing you want to add to your plate right now but it’s time to get planning for next year. Here are […]

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KSA on Skills

The KSA Effect – Part II In our last issue we discussed how Knowledge improves confidence and therefore is key in building on the successes of 2017. Whilst the construction industry […]

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Thinking of an idea lightbulbs

KSA on Knowledge

The ‘KSA’ Effect ‘Knowledge is power’ – Sir Francis Bacon… couldn’t have said it better ourselves! We are frequently asked what ‘KSA’ stands for… Kindness? Kangaroo?! Kinetic? Keen? Well folks, […]

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Consultative Selling

Consultative Selling – Speed Up Your Construction Sales Process As an experienced construction product sales professional, “consultative selling” should be a very familiar term – but how well do you […]

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Adaptive Selling Styles

Some of the key requisites of a great sales professional used to include in-depth product knowledge, experience and “the gift of the gab”. Of course, much of this is as […]

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