‘In the construction industry, success often depends upon bridging the gap between technical construction and sales roles.’

Construction industry specific training aims to equip your sales team with the knowledge and skills required to communicate with key individuals through the design-to-order process.

One of KSA's key assets in helping to bridge the gap between technical construction and the sales role comes in the form of our Construction Knowledge & Skills trainer, Emma Townend, who is our resident expert with over 20 years' of industry experience and knowledge as a chartered engineer, supporting learners to translate technical terminology and techniques into usable information which has proved invaluable to learners.


'Specifier’s do not only want a problem-solver, they want a problem-finder, preventing any unforeseen circumstances!'

Specification Selling workshops address defining obstacles that occur throughout the construction specification sales process, from drawing board to order placement, giving learners a greater understanding of the specification market and the specifiers requirements, to provide more effective, practical solutions.

At KSA, we tailor material according to your market, including the latest research into understanding the specifiers world.

BROCHURE: Selling to the Specifier


Recognising a gap between technical construction and the sales role, we developed our Understanding Construction Drawings programme to support delegates with the technical knowledge and skills they need to be more confident and successful out in the field.

KSA’s design includes a range of engaging, practical exercises to overcome challenges of the construction market and increase confidence in the team to fulfil each team members potential.

Workshops are tailored to the client’s products and drawings to ‘make learning real’ and immediately transfer learning to the workplace.

BROCHURE: Understanding Construction Drawings