The Challenge...

Often time, or rather the lack of it is something that is a constant pressure for both customers and the sales person.

The Solution...

The first session was designed to help the team create individual customer strategy plans. Using these, they were then able to spend their time more effectively, in the areas that created the best opportunity to gain business from new and existing customers, rather than a ‘milk round approach’. Ultimately, this then also gave them more time to search for new business.

To support them in developing new business, they were given additional sessions: offering a structured approach during the sales meeting and gaining meetings via the telephone. As part of the programme, follow-up workshops were included to embed the learning, as well as one-to-one coaching support in the field.

The Result...

By the end of the session delegates were able to:

– Understand the role and responsibilities of an effective field sales person
– Develop a customer strategy to develop new and existing business
– Recognise the essentials of good communication and communication styles (Insights Discovery)
– Use the ‘PROFITS’ process as a complete and structured sales method
– Be confident in preparation and planning for an effective meeting
– Create a clear call objective to ensure that each call generated a commitment
– Be confident with time management, objective setting and territory management
– Understand the importance of rapport building in the sales process
– Effectively gather information using  a consultative selling approach
– Identify the importance of and appropriately demonstrate the benefits  to the customer
– Confidently deal with and be able to pre-empt objections and resistance
– Recognise the importance of self-analysis and reflect on the process whatever the outcome
– Confidently gain meetings over the telephone

Following on from this, the programme was then run for the internal customer services team but adapted to keep in line with their job roles.