A Day in an Insights Workshop

A Day in an Insights Workshop

KSA Sales Solutions are an Insights Discovery licensed partner, which enables us to incorporate Insights Discovery into any training strategy. Insights Discovery is a powerful profiling tool, using a simple four colour energy model to give learners an understanding of their own personality and how this impacts on their relationships with colleagues and customers. Our Digital Marketing expert, Jack, recently went along to an Insights Discovery workshop to find out more…

Here is what he picked up on his day out of the office…

All sales teams, including those selling products to the construction industry, are comprised of people often with very different personality types; some analytical and thoughtful, others aggressively pursuing the bottom line. Customers are diverse too, often with marked differences in how they process and respond to information. Getting to the bottom of different communication preferences and how to apply these to different sales approaches can be done effectively with behavioural analysis. This is essential knowledge to build more effective customer relationships.

Insights Discovery is a technique that provides a framework for self-understanding and development carried out by KSA’s trained facilitators. Based on Carl Jung’s definitive work “Personality Types” published as long ago as 1921, the basic principles are now mainstream. You may be surprised to hear that Hippocrates identified four different energy types in the fifth century AD! So while not a new concept, KSA brings it to life when relating its principals to product sales.

So, what did Jack learn about the aspects of different colour energies?

Fiery Red – Positive, Affirmative, Bold, Assertive Competitive, Decisive, Strong-willed, Demanding and Task/Goal focused

Sunshine Yellow – Social, Dynamic, Demonstrative, Expressive and Creative

Cool Blue – Showing no bias, Objective, Detached Cautious, Analytical, Precise, Questioning and Formal

Earth Green – Still, Tranquil, Calming, Soothing Sharing, Patient, Amiable, Caring and Encouraging

The link to ‘Attitude’

Insights Discovery plays a key part in achieving powerful performance by increasing an individual’s knowledge of themselves and others; both colleagues and customers. Self-awareness and an understanding of how others communicate and process information is vital to developing an positive attitude to successful team work, selling, customer relationships and the behaviours needed to achieve company goals.