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KSA on Knowledge

The ‘KSA’ Effect

‘Knowledge is power’ – Sir Francis Bacon… couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

We are frequently asked what ‘KSA’ stands for…

Kindness? Kangaroo?! Kinetic? Keen?

Well folks, KSA in fact simply stands for Knowledge, Skills and Attitude. These are the three fundamental elements we believe are essential in achieving success in all areas of personal, professional, team and ultimately, business development.

Although equally dependent on each other, over the next few issues of our KSA Newsletter, we are going to focus on each one of these elements; starting with KNOWLEDGE.

Definition of Knowledge:  Facts, information and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.

This is the perfect time to increase sales knowledge in order for salespeople to be able to confidently understand and communicate with specifiers, architects, contractors, distributors and stakeholders. Arm your teams! Give them the tools they need to kick-start the year!

Many companies invest in all sorts of product training which is great – but is this knowledge being reinforced with an understanding of who they are selling to? Being able to understand and communicate confidently with the customer is a vital aspect of successful selling and could well be your differentiator from the competition!

It’s important to remember that knowledge comes from experience and time but unfortunately the latter is a luxury that we don’t always have. That’s where KSA come in; we can help speed up the process!

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