Sales people are often very good at identifying their customers’ technical requirements, but not necessarily their business goals.

The best customer experience relies on providing solutions which satisfy their business need and deliver a perceived higher value. Successful organisations give the customer what they want in a way that adds value to their business.

Having the confidence to develop a full and thorough understanding of the customers’ requirements is a key asset for sales personnel enabling sales staff to proactively identify, negotiate and overcome any barriers that could prevent a sale.

KSA’s sales training primarily focuses on providing the sales person with the correct skills to provide a better experience for their customers and fully understand how individual roles interact with one another to ensure a clear and efficient sales process.

By using the Insights Discovery behaviour tool, we are able to support individuals from the sales team to perform at their highest level by having a greater understanding of themselves, colleagues and customers.

Insights Discovery is an ideal behaviour tool which is simple to understand and remember, making it easy to transfer to the workplace.

‘Sales Skills’ solutions can be formally endorsed by the ISM, demonstrating to learners and stakeholders that training is well-designed and delivered to consistent standards.

Upon completion of an endorsed training solution, learners receive a certificate to recognise their achievement.