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The KSA Effect – Part II

In our last issue we discussed how Knowledge improves confidence and therefore is key in building on the successes of 2017.

Whilst the construction industry boasts a ‘renewed vitality’, this also throws up its own challenges. To keep on top of it all, sales teams need to be equipped with up-to-date Skills, ensuring that they are able to build on the market opportunities and turn these into measurable business success.

They are also faced with changing technology, from smartphones to tablets – all of which are now becoming standard tools of the trade. This got us thinking about how technology supports salespeople to develop opportunities.

However, technology advances so quickly that it is easy to get left behind, which can be frustrating for many of us. It can be our best friend but equally our worst enemy – luckily the latter can be easily resolved!

With this in mind…

Skills & Technology – Bridging the gap!

It is important that your people are not only able to use the system but that they also have the skills to make it work for them. However, do your team fully understand your sales process and how it links to the CRM system? Do they have the necessary skills to effectively engage and build an interest with the various decision-makers and influencers along the sales pipeline? Are they maximising these opportunities?

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