The 5R’s Methodology

    KSA have developed our own 5 point methodology to help with creating and implementing an effective training programme. We thought it might be useful to share it with […]

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Proactive Planning

Proactive planning for 2019… Yes, it’s probably the last thing you want to add to your plate right now but it’s time to get planning for next year. Here are […]

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inspiring leadership

KSA on Attitudes

The KSA Effect – Part III To finish our three-part series on what KSA stands for, this issue we’re looking at Attitudes and within these, the effects different behaviours can […]

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Work-Based Learning

Work-Based Learning – Get the Hands on Experience! George Santayana: ‘The great difficulty of education is to get experience out of ideas.’ The skills shortage in the UK construction industry […]

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friend or foe CRM

CRM – Friend or Foe?

Ten CRM Guidance Points Make it fit CRM should be tailored to fit your business and processes – however, for this to be beneficial, you need to know what those […]

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new year new me


#NewYearNewMe Sound familiar? Or is there another particular motto that resonates with you at the start of the New Year? Moving forward into the new year, what changes are you […]

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Thinking of an idea lightbulbs

KSA on Knowledge

The ‘KSA’ Effect ‘Knowledge is power’ – Sir Francis Bacon… couldn’t have said it better ourselves! We are frequently asked what ‘KSA’ stands for… Kindness? Kangaroo?! Kinetic? Keen? Well folks, […]

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Adaptive Selling Styles

Some of the key requisites of a great sales professional used to include in-depth product knowledge, experience and “the gift of the gab”. Of course, much of this is as […]

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