"Sales training courses in the past have ‘ticked the box’ for us but have never really produced tangible results. The fact that KSA are construction-industry specific struck a chord with me. They also actually took the time to understand our business and requirements before making any recommendations, helping to create individual rather than off-the-shelf development for the team".

Martin Wilson
National Sales Director

“Far from simply being a sales training company, KSA proved its worth by working with us in proactively reviewing all our customer service processes and procedures; supporting us in our efforts to provide the best customer experience as consistently as possible. Having carried out a survey amongst our customers, KSA provided some very useful information which enabled us to further improve our internal communication processes. KSA also provided additional training to ensure that a high level of response could be realistically maintained. As a result, Fischer is now in a position where every customer enquiry is now dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible”.

Catherine Mulholland
Human Resources Manager

“We are committed to improving the skills of all our staff within the business to ensure our customers get the best service possible. KSA has assisted us in identifying the key areas in which we need to improve our sales people but the next stage is for us to collaboratively develop measurable training plans, which will be managed to the benefit of the individual, the business and our customers”.

Ben Giddings
Head of Sales Development

“In the seven years that we’ve worked with KSA Sales Solutions, Carol and her team have demonstrated their ability to identify opportunities, overcome challenges and deliver solutions – all of which have helped the sales teams to grow the business and continue to position Latchways PLC as the global leader of fall protection safety products. We now have a highly trained project tracking team which is proving to be a valuable asset in providing an excellent customer experience, and our expanded field sales team has really benefited from their workshops”.

Jonathan Seymour
Head of Sales - UK and Europe

“From originally thinking we just needed a couple of construction selling workshops to get us on our way, it didn’t take long to for us to have that ‘popcorn’ moment! Having used trainers and having previously spent a lot of  money, we had always viewed training as ‘a cost’ because a trainer would come in, train us and be gone. Using KSA, we experienced the KSA ‘Us’ approach. They joined, understood, trained and stayed with ‘us’ all the way. We now view training as an investment, not a cost”.

Maggie Oxenbury
Head of Operations