Sales Development Programme, which Included Sales Teams and Line Managers.

"Sales training courses in the past have ‘ticked the box’ for us but have never really produced tangible results. The fact that KSA are construction-industry specific struck a chord with me. They also actually took the time to understand our business and requirements before making any recommendations, helping to create individual rather than off-the-shelf development for the team".

Martin Wilson
National Sales Director - Honeywell


Customer Experience Programme, Focusing on the Whole Customer Journey.

“Far from simply being a sales training company, KSA proved its worth by working with us in proactively reviewing all our customer service processes and procedures; supporting us in our efforts to provide the best customer experience as consistently as possible. Having carried out a survey amongst our customers, KSA provided some very useful information which enabled us to further improve our internal communication processes. KSA also provided additional training to ensure that a high level of response could be realistically maintained. As a result, Fischer is now in a position where every customer enquiry is now dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible”.

Catherine Mulholland
Human Resources Manager - Fischer Fixings



Selling to the Specifier, Focused on Understanding the Design-to-Order Process and the Challenges of the Specifier.

"Thank you KSA so much for a really interesting and fun day. The training was so relevant to us and the balance of chat and group exercises made the day flow and passed really quickly. I can honestly say that this has been the best received training we have ever had with this team, the guys could all see how much they could learn from you and wanted to take you both down the pub for the evening!!"

Kate Waterston
UK Sales Manager - Construction Specialties

I found the course informative with useful content that will help me to create account plans in future. There was a good balance between theory and relevance to our job role and the group activities were enjoyable. D.W
I have taken something positive from every KSA training experience I have had. The KSA team are inspirational, positive & encouraging throughout. This has driven me in my job to improve my performance on a daily basisH.S  
Sincerely engaging course – every session. Really impactful processes + skills from day one. Text reminders, including managers, feedback to higher management – brilliant! Very thankful A.G  
Being the first sales course I’d ever done I wish I’d had it 3 years ago! – I learnt a lot and felt it was really positive S.W  
Excellent course offering a new way of thinking. I’ve attended many courses in the past with a similar aim, but this was the first that really caught my imagination D.M  
Great course, clear useful information, not too long winded. Good knowledge and understanding of our company and specific needs A.V
Fantastic course. Engaging throughout + very applicable to my role. I can see improvements from day one A.G
Very informative without being condescending, understood our position and problems we are facing and gave us positive feedback on how to cope M.H
Very informative and realistic theories that can be easily applied. I will be applying more of the example theories in my day-to-day role, and also will teach others at branch level to give them an insights to what I have been doing D.G
I have attended many courses in the past, but this was the most interesting, informative and well-presented P.S
It was a great two days. The team enjoyed it and are now ready to get into new calls. The course itself was excellent, very well put together with some very useful material we could take away as prompts when needed K.D
Really enjoyed the course. The trainer gave some good examples of how the course can be used in our specific roles, industry etc. Excellent P.M
I enjoyed todays course and found the trainers understanding of my role as a BDM was excellent P.M
Very beneficial. Although I thought I could ‘get through’ a presentation, I now feel that the presentation should be embraced for the opportunity that it is. I now feel far more confident in myself and think a presentation by me is now worth listening to J.T
Excellent course that compliments the programme. Good dynamic of people and well managed throughout P.G
Good, relevant course, with engagement and variety that kept it interesting. Refreshing to do a different course C.G
I found the course thought provoking. Thinking of how we approach the market to gain more is what I will walk away with. Very good M.C
Very informative, well demonstrated, come away with smarter, slicker way to implement within my daily role S.S
Very enjoyable and useful course, will be applicable in my day job. Gary was really helpful and took time to explain I.D
Very informative, important to every job role within our company M.F
An excellent well put together course with very informative + useful material. I am extremely happy with the training the team has completed and John was continually professional and engaging – thank you very much for your hard work! K.D
The use of actors and acting out situations was very useful. Being able to stop and start again helped to see how you could progress the review differently / more positively B.N
Excellent course tailored well to our company M.H
I thought the course was really useful and will be able to apply the techniques in the daily role. Gary presented + explained the content of the course really well A.F
Excellent content and the use of actors to do this roleplay is fantastic P.G
Personalised to the business. I felt like Steve was a colleague rather than a trainer, very approachable L.D
I feel the course and format was fantastic. It has helped me 200%. I believe that all the sales force would benefit from this training. M.R
Best sales training I’ve received in years – I bought into it P.M
Well presented, informative + clear. A good insight into the industry N.O
Overall the trainers delivery of the materials was very appropriate and enjoyable for myself, and perfectly paced D.B
Very relevant to my role M.W
I think that we learned a great deal about how our behaviours impact on us and others. Very well structured and thought out, a very enjoyable couple of days M.C
Fantastic course with excellent content J.S
It’s easy for experienced sales or account managers to forget some basics of customer interaction. The course has been thought provoking and will be useful in my new role M.B
Very thought provoking – digging much deeper into basic sales techniques M.B
Great overall course, the full 4 months have been good. Meeting & interacting with colleagues R.A
This course came highly recommended, and I can see why! I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I feel I have gained skills that will not only help me when presenting, but also in my everyday role and personal life. Thank you C.B
Very informative + interesting, more so than other courses D.C
Enjoyable and beneficial towards my current sales role N.J
Very good learning environment – course is easily digestible. I always leave feeling in a better place going back out on the road J.T
I found the course very useful and also very enjoyable. It covered a lot of aspects of my role and made me think more about it A.S
I felt very comfortable and enjoyed participating. I was made to feel comfortable when I didn’t understand something and had to ask for more detail. I thoroughly enjoyed it D.W
Ric was great, really friendly + interactive. Felt part of the team K.R
The trainers always make the course interactive and enjoyable J.H
Enjoyable days training A.D
Despite my worries, I really enjoyed the real play, and would have actually liked some more! The trainers feedback was really useful C.M
Thoroughly enjoyed the course and interaction of Steve, his understanding of our roles has grown with the more courses we have attended C.K
Opportunity to work with outside actors was very good. Getting to work in a safe environment is beneficial G.S
Great session, very enjoyable + interactive D.Y
Steve was fantastic as always. Detailed and enthusiastic G.T
Very enjoyable event, not like typical training courses. Good pace, no lulls in activity M.H
Engaging trainer – knowledgeable about our business and role. Made the course enjoyable and not labour intensive L.T
Excellent course, very well presented and not death by powerpoint M.H
Enjoyed both days. Have taken a lot away, it will be very helpful A.O
Very good 2 days. I will put into practice what was discussed M.R
Very good course + trainer, opened my eyes to Specification Selling and there is a lot more to it than first realised S.W
Very useful + relevant to what we are trying to do T.C
Good informative course that broadens your view on questions to ask J.C
Fantastic trainer which really helped me learn more C.R
Very good course. Nice and interactive. As always, I walk away with knowledge gained to my advantage M.R
Great course, really helping me to see where I may be going wrong and giving me tools to use to get back on track S.H
Great course, great trainer, fun, interactive, but very useful for our role in the business D.M
Carol was great and knew exactly what she was talking about. Learned some useful methods I.R
I found the course very useful and something that I could relate to in my everyday role A.S
Thorough and feel I have plenty of opportunities to take back to branch L.C
Excellent course, highly recommend for planning the new year to be successful Z.I
Extremely relevant + beneficial – well delivered. Thorough + professional J.D
Absolutely brilliant, would recommend KSA to anyone O.S
A great course, well worth my time A.H
Excellent course regarding my role. Totally suits our business S.M
Very enjoyable. I look forward to putting into practice D.S
Enjoyable day, the trainer was great, approachable and not too sales (in your face). Felt like one of the team K.R
The course trainer was clear + accurate in requirements. Course is spread across the correct amount of time A.P
Excellent, nice pace & friendly atmosphere N.S
The trainer is very good and you can see his experience as a trainer. Pace was about right and was asked relevant and thought provoking questions. S.W
Very interesting course. A lot of new skills learnt P.S
Very well delivered. Some inexperienced team members ‘came out of their shell’ which was credit to John in his approach. Thank you. T.H